Suge Knight Hit With Legal Doggie Mama Drama

Snoop's mother sues over dis track on Tha Row soundtrack.

If Suge Knight and his cronies were only joking about siring Daz Dillinger's baby and sleeping with Snoop Dogg's mom, the punch line sure packs a wallop.

Knight and Eastwood, Ganxta Ridd, and Spider, the artists heard on the track "Tha Row (Y'all Hoes)," have been slapped with a lawsuit by Maria Watkins, ex-wife of Delmar "Daz Dillinger" Arnaud, and Beverly Green, Snoop's mother. Between a barrage of insults aimed at Snoop and his Dogghouse family, the song's lyrics claim Watkins' unborn child is Knight's. According to the lawsuit, this allegation led to Dillinger requesting a paternity test and divorcing Watkins.

Later in the song, which appears on the soundtrack to the film "Dysfunktional Family," Ganxta Ridd says he's been having sex with Green, a Baptist minister who's also Dillinger's aunt.

The women claim they were slandered by the song, a response to Snoop's "Pimp Slapp'd," which disses Knight (see [article id="1457646"]"Snoop Calls Suge Knight A Bitch On Upcoming Album"[/article]). They seek damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and a temporary restraining order against the defendants, whose affiliates are said to have made threatening phone calls to the women.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, also names Tha Row, Knight's label that released the soundtrack in March; music publisher Warner/Chappell Music; and Miramax Films, among others, as defendants.

Knight is nearly six months into a 10-month jail sentence for violating his parole by punching a parking valet (see [article id="1475211"]"Suge Knight Sentenced To 10 Months For Parole Violation"[/article]).