This So Fetch Rapper Really Likes 'Mean Girls'

You might be surprised who likes this classic movie.

Rappers talk about their favorite movies in songs often, from "Friday” to “Scarface," but Kid Ink recently revealed the name of a film that you might not expect him to like.

"The movie you wouldn’t think I like is ‘Mean Girls’,” Kid Ink said in an interview with Los Angeles’ Real 92.3. “'You can’t sit with us' was hilarious."

“I like to watch movies with females that look nice,” he added. “Chick flicks are cool with females.”

Ink likes the movie so much, in fact, that he’s up to date with rumors/hopes of a true reunion film. “I heard,” he told host Letty Martinez when she mentioned the sequel.

The world wants a “Mean Girls” reunion, but we’re not sure we’ll ever get it. While some of the actresses said they’d be up for it last year, Tina Fey told Entertainment Weekly she wasn’t.

"At the time, we did wanna start the conversation about the sequel and for whatever reason I was like, 'No! We shouldn’t do that,’” Fey said. "Now I look back and I’m like ‘Why?’ But now, no— it’s too late now.”

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