Remy Ma Was Back In The Studio The Day She Got Out Of Jail

Remy also posts what may be her first ever selfie after waking up in her own bed!

Remy Ma isn’t wasting any time!

Remy was released from prison yesterday (August 1) after serving a little more than six years for assault charges and she wasted no time getting back in the studio.

Following the Bronx, New York MC's release, which was initially delayed because of a “third party calling” violation, Remy got to work with DJ Khaled. She posted a picture on Instagram that shows her working next to the producer the same day she was released. Oh, and the MC has a couple of notebooks nearby, which we imagine are filled with rhymes she's ready to record.

Of course, Khaled also shared pictures of their studio session. In his caption, Khaled says “the world is excited” about Remy Ma being home and now we’re all excited for what might come from this studio session, too.

This collab shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. You’ll remember Remy and Khaled were both part of Terror Squad’s True Story album in 2004. They didn’t collaborate on the album’s official release, but they did perform together while promoting the album's singles, including “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and they also both appeared in the “Lean Back” music video. Glad to see their back in the lab.

Today, Remy also posted a selfie after waking up in her own bed, something she’s been wanting to do for years.

"Woke up in my own bed," Remy says in the selfie caption. "Still can't believe it!"

Welcome home, Remy!