One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Got 'The Rogue' Tattooed On His Ankles (PHOTO)

Louis Tomlinson is the latest member of 1D to acquire new ink.

It's not secret that the bros of One Direction's love them some permanent ink! And nope, we're not referring to a pink-colored Sharpie pen (although that would be an interesting twist) but rather, some mad-permanent, forever-on-your-body-until-you're-wrinkly-and-97-years-old tattoos. And sure, 1D's Harry Styles might lead the tattoo brigade with the two huge swallows on his chest, ye olde-tymey ship on his arm, and whatever he got done during this inking session, but let's not forget Harry's 1D cohort Zayn Malik commemorated 1D's sold-out show with some ink of his own. Now, feel free to add Louis Tomlinson's brand-new tattoo, the words "The" and "Rogue" on each of his ankles, to your "1D Tattoo Watch Newsletter."

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Louis' gorgeous girlfriend (siiiigh) Eleanor Calder posted Louis' ankle tattoo photo to Instagram, and there was no caption. And while we fancy ourselves professional tattoo detectives (STILL trying to solve the mystery of Justin Bieber's owl tattoo though... And we will NEVER give up), we can confidently state that "The Rogue" is a tribute to the band Louis was in before One Direction. (You may not have heard of them, well, because they're not One Direction.) But maybe it's also a metaphor for Louis being the bad-ass rogue of the band? Hopefully, Louis will confirm soon, but until then, we have no problem fantasizing about how ADORABLE Louis must have looked playing in a rock band in the ninth grade!

Photo credit: Eleanor Calder's Instagram

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