Now We Know The Ariana Grande/Susan Sarandon Connection Goes Beyond #DonutGate

The two are costars in a VERY exciting upcoming film.

Out of all of the strange details to emerge from Ariana Grande's recent #DonutGate fallout, we're most excited about this small tidbit dropped by none other than actress Susan Sarandon.

The "Thelma & Louise" star first surprisingly came out in support of Ariana on Twitter, posting two tweets asking for solidarity and pointing fingers at a larger target.

Although some folks were confused by Susan's tweets, she made it known that she's clearly Team Ariana.

Following up on the news of that interesting friendship, Vulture asked Susan why she decided to speak up and offer her support of Ariana, and Susan dropped another surprise.

"Well, I just worked with her," Susan revealed. Susan and Ariana were both cast in Zoolander 2, joining Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and even Justin Bieber. Susan's revelation was the first anyone had heard of an Ariana cameo.

"She couldn’t be more professional or sweet. Her mom is great. Clearly [her remarks were] taken out of context," Susan aded, saying our concerns should be directed toward food corporations like Monsanto rather than Ariana. "She’s smart, and she’s a really great, very talented person. It’s just ridiculous they’re jumping on her the way they are."

Will Ariana be playing herself in Zoolander 2? Was #DonutGate merely taking her character from the screen to the real world? We'll just have to wait and see.

Zoolander 2 comes out in theaters on February 12, 2016.

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