Chris Pratt's Son's Halloween Costume Is Kind Of Awkward

'Jurassic World 2': This time, it's babies!

The heart wants what it wants, and Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' son Jack just wants to be a dinosaur, awkward movie tie-ins be damned.

In an appearance on last night's (October 28) "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Faris revealed that she felt a little weird about her son's choice of costume for Halloween this year: a T-Rex.

"We let him pick his costume this year and he's decided he's a dinosaur. A T-Rex," she said. "Which, it's adorable, but it also adds a layer of a little bit of weirdness because of course my husband is Chris Pratt and, like, 'Jurassic.'"

Sooooo, if you look at it a certain way, maybe that "Jurassic World" sequel is coming a lot sooner than we expected? And it's gonna be cute AF.

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