You'll Never Touch Your Hair Again After Seeing These 9 Horrifying Scenes

Bad hair day.

Over the years, the horror genre has roundly proved that literally anything can be frightening, if you try really hard and believe in yourself and watch a lot of scary movies. But when it comes to imbuing ordinary everyday stuff with a sense of dread and doom, one of horror's finest accomplishments has to be making us afraid of our own hair.

Below, we round up the best onscreen material ever to feature terrifying tresses.

1. In "The Grudge," a nice, normal shampooing scene suddenly took a turn for the horrific.


2. Long flowing hair became a lot less sexy after Samara dragged it across the floor in "The Ring."


3. Not to mention this ghastly homage to those awful moments when you get a hair stuck in your throat.


4. In this scene from "Teen Wolf," a potential drain clog was the least of Lydia's problems.


5. In "Grave Encounters," one of the ghost-hunting team members was teased by a ghost, grade-school style. (Ooooh, this means he likes her, right?)

grave encounters

6. In "The Walking Dead," we were treated to this charming scene in which the Governor lovingly brushed his undead daughter's... scalp off. He brushed her scalp off. THAT IS HER SCALP.


7. In "The Haunting," a guest at the creep-tastic Hill House mansion discovered that her room was haunted by a ghostly hairdresser, which would be incredibly convenient if it weren't also freakin' terrifying.

8. Proof that the scariest hair doesn't have to be on your head: the follicular horrors of the transformation scene from "An American Werewolf in London."


9. And finally, no list of hairy-scary movies would be complete without a trailer for the Korean horror movie "The Wig," the one and only film ever to center entirely on a seriously killer hairpiece.