Coldplay Pull A Beyoncé With Surprise Release Of New Single, 'Midnight'

Mysterious new track appeared out of nowhere on Tuesday, is a new album coming soon?

Well, that was certainly a surprise.

On Tuesday, (February 25), at the stroke of midnight, Ulaanbaatar time -- because why not? -- Coldplay shocked fans with the release of a brand-new song, an atmospheric, amniotic electronic track aptly titled "Midnight."

The song -- which, presumably, is taken from [article id="1720202"]Coldplay's upcoming sixth studio album[/article] -- is a markedly minimalist departure from the sonic wallop of the band's last album, 2011's [article id="1672756"]Mylo Xyloto,[/article] beginning with chiming electronics and Chris Martin's plaintive, thoroughly treated vocals (recalling Bon Iver, as many fans have begun pointing out), then gradually building to a thumping, synth-heavy crescendo before eventually fading away. And the track takes it's time, too, slowly spreading over the span of five-plus minutes.

"Midnight" was accompanied by a moody, black-and-white video, directed by Mary Wigmore, who made the band's "The Hardest Part" clip and is also the godmother of Martin's and actress Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple.

That's about all the info we've got at the moment -- there's still no word on who produced "Midnight," or if it is, in fact, the first single off Coldplay's album. When reached for comment, a rep for the band would only tell MTV News that there are no additional details about either.

But according to some reports, Coldplay's new album is due in May or June, and will apparently harken back to their massive A Rush of Blood to the Head record. Last year, Coldplay wrote a new song, [article id="1712088"]"Atlas,"[/article] for the "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack.