Is Kendrick Lamar Dissing Drake On Dr. Dre's 'Compton'?

Maybe we're just crazy.

Drake and Meek Mill are currently in the middle of the biggest rap beef of 2015, but Friday's (Aug. 7) release of Dr. Dre's Compton has us wondering if Drizzy may have another battle brewing.

Kendrick Lamar appears on three of the LP's 16 songs, and on two of those tracks he makes what sound to be references to Drake.

"But still I got enemies givin' me energy, I wanna fight now/ Subliminals sending me all of this hate, I thought I was holdin' the mic down," Dot rhymes on "Darkside/Gone," using a similar rhyme cadence to Drake's If You're Reading This, It's Too Late track "Energy."

On Drizzy's track, he rhymes, "I got enemies, got a lot of enemies/ Got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy," and while Lamar's line isn't necessarily a dis, his choice of words is no coincidence. And what does Dot mean by "subliminals?" And who's sending them?

K. Dot doesn't stop there. On "Deep Water," he starts his verse proclaiming, "Motherf--ker know I started from the bottom."

You know who else "started from the bottom," right? This guy!



Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is a conspiracy theory. But the two were at odds a couple of years back.

Remember when Lamar listed Drizzy in the list of rappers that he's trying to (lyrically) "murder" on Big Sean's 2013 track "Control?" Then Drake responded subliminally on "The Language."

OK, yes things have seemingly calmed down. Kendrick told Power 106 FM in September that it was "all love" between him and Drizzy.

Still, on Kendrick's "King Kunta," he denounces unknown MCs who employ "ghostwriters" -- a charge that Meek Mill hit Drake with in July. Then there's Drizzy's verse on Game's "100," where he says, "I would have all of your fans if I didn't go pop, And I stayed on some conscious shit."

Granted, Drake could be talking about anybody here, but there are very few "conscious" rappers with enough fans to even warrant a comment from him. Kendrick nears the top of that list.

We can't say that there is a beef brewing for sure, but we'll be watching this one very closely.