Miley Cyrus Battled Ellen DeGeneres With Dangly Balls, And We Have A Lot Of Questions

They came in like a... well, you know.

Things got pretty awkward on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show Friday, and we're not talking about when Adam Levine met his new ~girlfriend~ Mila.

No, we're talking about when Ellen challenged Miley Cyrus to a rousing game of "Wrecking Balls." (Yes, that's really what it's called.) As part of Ellen's partnership with Ulta Beauty to raise money for breast cancer research, Ellen agrees "to play this stupid, dumb game."

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Wrecking Balls

Rocking her Ellen underwear, Miley comes out to play against Ellen, looking a little more pumped for the game than the beloved talkshow host. As people wrap giant sock things around the contestants, Ellen explains they each need to hit the orange ball (or is that a grapefruit? I can't tell.) using nothing but their own balls. *Snicker snicker*

To say watching Ellen and Miley use their "dangly things" is entertaining would be an understatement. Ellen gets really into the challenge, and has a strong lead over Miley — until Miley gets, uh, creative, and wins the game.

After the game is over, however, things get even weirder. Miley and Ellen decide to have a battle and fight with their balls — I can't think of a better way to have phrased that sentence. tWitch's face is all of us after that moment.

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Watch the LOL video below.