Hammer Attacks Proposition 21

Superstar rapper-turned-preacher enters makeshift prison cell to protest youth crime initiative.

Former superstar rapper Hammer, now a San Jose, Calif.,

preacher, entered a makeshift jail cell in the parking lot of San Jose's

Jubilee Christian Center on Sunday (March 5) to protest California's

Proposition 21. Hammer plans to stay in the cell until after the state's

primary election Tuesday (March 7), in which voters will decide the fate of

the ballot measure — also known as the Gang Violence and Juvenile Crime

Initiative — which would amend the state's penal code to treat some

youthful offenders as adults and increase penalties for gang-related

offenses. Hip-hop duo Black Star, Latin hip-hop/groove band

Ozomatli and singer/songwriter Meshell Ndegeocello played a

benefit concert in Santa Cruz, Calif., on Friday to raise funds and

awareness to fight the measure. Hammer is best known for his high-stepping

dance moves and catchy rap hits such as "Can't Touch This" and "Too Legit to