Festival To Screen Guided By Voices Film

Noise Pop lineup in San Francisco will include 'Watch Me Jumpstart.'

As part of this year's Noise Pop festival, the film "Watch Me Jumpstart,"

featuring Guided by Voices, will be screened Friday (March 3) in San

Francisco. The musical documentary by Banks Tarver was filmed primarily in

Dayton, Ohio, during the recording and production of Guided by Voices' 1996

album Under the Bushes, Under the Stars. Festival organizer Jordan

Kurland said the decision to include Tarver's film in the festival's lineup was

an easy one. It "has older footage, and interviews, along with plenty of

beautiful stuff shot during the recording of the album," he said. "It shows how

really, really endearing the whole band is." The piece will be shown at the

Artist Television Access studio as part of a "Noise Pop Happy Hour," with $1