Air Releasing 'Virgin Suicides' Soundtrack

French duo wrote score to Sofia Coppola's directing debut.

French electronic-pop duo Air will release the soundtrack to the

film "The Virgin Suicides" Feb. 29. The 13-track, mostly instrumental

album of keyboard-driven pop songs is the companion to the directing debut

of Sofia Coppola. Among the songs on the album are "Clouds Up," "Ghost

Song," "Empty House," "Dead Bodies" and "Suicide Underground." Former

Redd Kross drummer and touring Air percussionist Brian Reitzell

is featured on the album, the first on Air's Record Makers label. The

group will mount only two shows coinciding with the album's release, Jan.

22 at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles and Jan. 27 at the Riverhorse

Café in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival, where

the film will be screened. Joining them on the dates will be singer/songwriter

Jason Falkner (bass/guitar), Moog Cookbook member Brian

Kehew (keyboards), Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin

and singer Gordon Tracks, who sings the album's only vocal track,

"Playground Love." The band's follow-up to the critically acclaimed

Moon Safari is slated for a fall release.