Inmate Helped By Ice-T Acquitted In Stabbing

Rapper reportedly testified he had sent man thousands of dollars in prison.

A Pennsylvania inmate to whom rapper Ice-T had sent thousands of dollars was acquitted last week in a prison slaying, following a trial in which Ice-T testified for the prosecution, the Associated Press reported. But Tony Jake, who was charged in the 1991 stabbing of Santos Rosario at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Williamsport, Pa., was convicted on Dec. 22 of obstructing justice in the case. Ice-T (born Tracy Marrow) testified that he had sent thousands of dollars to the 37-year-old Jake while the latter was in prison, including $10,000 for a lawyer, the AP reported. Prosecutors believed Rosario was murdered because drugs he was allegedly helping smuggle into the penitentiary never arrived. Jake was also accused of bribing another inmate to take the blame for the murder and asking a woman to lie to a grand jury.