Disney Princesses Reimagined As Other Disney Princesses Will Break Your Brain

What would they all look like in a parallel universe?

What would happen if instead of golden strands, the girl locked in the high tower let down a long beautiful train of raven colored hair? And what if Prince Naveen fell in love with a woman whose stepmother and stepsisters weren't too kind to her?

Illustrator Dylan Charles Bonner imagined for E! what fairy tales would look like if the leads all switched places and the results make it clear the story would be different, but still just as awesome.

Tiana takes the place of Elsa in "Frozen" and adds a sweet touch to Arendelle and instead of a bookish and curious girl, Prince Adam from "Beauty and the Beast" falls in love with the fairest one of all.

Dylan Charles Bonner / E!


Ariel is reimagined as the belle of Prince Charming's ball in "Cinderella" and it totally makes sense that she would lose her shoe in the same way Cinderella did. Think about it: walking on two feet would be new for "The Little Mermaid," wouldn't it?

Dylan Charles Bonner / E!


Take a look at all of the alternate reality brilliance over at E!, and to see more of Dylan Charles Bonner's art, follow him on Instagram or Tumblr.

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