Here Are All 16 Amazing Movie References In The 'Bad Blood' Video

That is 'clearly' Luiz from 'Rio.'

If you've been watching Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on a continuous loop ever since its debut last night -- as you should be, obviously -- then you might have noticed that the whole thing is a giant, endless homage to pretty much every movie ever made.

Some of the Hollywood references are obvious; others, however, are subtle moments of artistry that you've really gotta be paying attention to catch. Below, we round up every film that got a nod from Taylor over the course of the four-minute video.

Kill Bill: Vol 1 and 2

Not only is she fighting with a group of dudes who are clearly members of "Kill Bill" Tokyo gang the Crazy 88s, but Taylor's POV shot as she falls out the window is pretty much a perfect recreation of this low-angle view of Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii, right down to the chic haircut.

The Matrix

Multiple parts of the video could have been taken straight from the "Matrix" trilogy, as Taylor goes through the window in bullet-time slow motion and then goes on to kick ass in an outfit she clearly borrowed from Trinity's closet.

Sin City

A smashed classic car, a femme fatale, and that very particular font? Unmistakable.


Don't pretend like Lena Dunham, a cigar, and a picture window don't say "Wilson Fisk" to you, too.

The Fifth Element

That iconic white bandage outfit from the 1995 sci-fi flick gets a second outing as Taylor retires to a healing pod to recover from her injuries.

The Hunger Games

This training center full of weaponry is clearly located in the Capitol. Look closely and you'll even see someone toting Katniss Everdeen's signature weapon...

And someone else sporting her signature hairstyle.

Nice braid, Tay Sway.


From knife-throwing to boxing, there's a whole lotta Dauntless biz going on here.

Aeon Flux

Um, Gigi Hadid clearly took this look straight from the classic vintage animated MTV series.


And hey, isn't that Luiz next to her?!

Quantum of Solace

That invisible car belongs to a certain licensed killer from MI6 -- which makes Kendrick Lamar Taylor's personal Agent Q, I guess.


Or maybe it's "Alien," or possibly "Star Wars," but we've definitely seen this hexagonal hallway somewhere before.


Just make sure you return the light bike with a full tank, mmkay?

Sucker Punch

This definitely isn't the first time we've seen a cohort of hot pop stars dressed in bondage gear, strutting a fiery post-apocalyptic landscape like it's their own personal catwalk.


That blade protruding from a platform boot looks an awful lot like one of Gazelle's weaponized prosthetics.

Jem (the 1980s cartoon, not the 2015 feature film)


Did we miss anything? Share the references you caught in the comments!

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