Christina Milian Looks For Fresh Start After Being Dumped By Island Def Jam

'I'm moving on to better things,' says singer, who continues to promote 'So Amazin'.'

Island Def Jam disagreed, but Christina Milian still feels her third album is So Amazin'.

Although she was dropped from the label just weeks after its May 16 release date, Milian is continuing to promote the album through live appearances, including Power 106's Summer Splash with Sean Paul and Kelis on August 19 in Long Beach, California.

"I still work it because I want people to hear my music," Milian said. "It's unfortunate what happened. I worked hard on this music, and I think it's good."

Milian is especially proud of her would-be second single, "Gonna Tell Everybody."

"I'm hoping to take that with me [to another label] one day and do a video," she said. "It's dealing with being in a relationship and coming out of it and having a fresh start. How ironic."

A fresh start is exactly what Milian is planning, and she's remaining positive about the experience.

"I'm moving on to better things and new things," she said. "I've gotten a lot of offers, and I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going."

Milian is also focusing more on her film career, although she's been writing songs when inspiration hits her.

"I wanted to make it a slower process, this next album," she said, before offering a few tidbits. "It'll be a mixture of everything I've done. I'd love to do something with Timbaland. I'm a huge fan."

In the meantime, she's happy to at least be on "TRL" as an actress, co-starring with Eva Longoria and Christina Applegate in Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair" video (see [article id="1536590"]"Jessica Simpson Finally Goes 'Public' With Longoria, Seacrest In Ratner-Directed Video"[/article]).

"They made me feel like part of the fam," Milian said of the Simpson clan. "It was so laid-back. The video has a lot of personality to it, so [director Brett Ratner] was always coming up with stuff on the spot, like, 'Hey, maybe now you should lick Andy Dick's face.' "

Come August 11, Milian will also be hitting the big screen, co-starring with Kristen Bell in the horror movie "Pulse" (see [article id="1509188"]"Christina Milian's Spring Lineup: Hot Single, Scary Movie"[/article]).

"It's a concept built on something we deal with day to day -- wireless frequencies, our cell phones, our laptops," the actress explained. "Everyone is connected to their cell phones and computers, and if ghosts or aliens could channel themselves through my e-mail, it'd be a little freaky. It's possible it could happen. It might already be true."

On September 26, Milian will also be celebrating her 25th birthday. "[I'm the same age] as MTV!" she said.