Ariana Grande's Latest 'Focus' Teaser Is The Most Revealing Yet

It's already pop perfection.

Ariana Grande knows us Arianators have zero patience when it comes to waiting for her new single, "Focus," but luckily she's been kind enough to be giving us little clues to the upcoming track.

But on Tuesday, she gave us the biggest hint yet, a 15-second snippet of the single, and OMG, it sounds so so good.

The incredibly upbeat pop jam has Ariana singing the lyrics "focus on me," before the music cuts out and Ariana speaks "1..2...3...c'mon girls." The music then comes back in as horns blare, giving us some serious throwback "Problem"-type of vibes and sounding nothing like the tease Frankie Grande recently gave us.

In addition to the musical clip, the pop star also gave us some additional lyrics to the song, and it seems like she will be giving us some serious sass.

"Ain't no need to hold it back, go ahead and talk ya sh--/ I know you're hoping that I'll react/ I know you're hoping I'm looking back/ But if my real ain't real enough/ Then I don't know what is," she wrote in an Instagram post.

If you're counting, which I'm sure you are, only 24 more days to go!

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