Patti Smith Dances Barefoot At Lollapalooza

Punk rock queen Patti Smith gave an unannounced one hour performance on

Lollapalooza's Second Stage at 5:15 PM, yesterday (July 28) on Randall Island

(She's expected to appear again today). Accompanied by the great former Patti

Smith Group guitarist (and ATN contributing editor) Lenny Kaye, former Patti

Smith Group drummer Jay Dee Daugherty and a bassist, Smith rocked like it was

1976 before a crowd of about 1000 enthused fans. According to Lollapalooza

co-founder Marc Geiger, "Every musician you can imagine was watching: the

Sonics, Deelite, Luscious Jackson, Perry (Farrell), Moby, the members of

Superchunk, the Geraldine Fibers, Elastica, Pavement. She came on and she


Smith, who shared a dressing room with Sonic Youth, appeared to really enjoy

herself. "She said she was going to take the energy from Lollapalooza back

into the studio with her," said Geiger. "She was laughing, she had a great

time. And everybody loved it. "

Wearing a sweat soaked t-shirt, jeans, Smith began her set with a poem.

Although scheduled to play for 30 minutes, she rocked hard for a full hour,

performing classic material like "Power To The People" and "Dancing

Barefoot." Mid-way through the set, according to Geiger, she removed her

shoes and was literally dancing barefoot to the amusement of the excited

crowd. One report had audience members literally in tears at the poignancy

and haunting beauty of her performance. "She absolutely rocked," said Geiger.

Geiger said that at one point a kid ran up to him and said, "This sounds like

Patti Smith. Isn't this the Geraldine Fibers? " Geiger responded: "No, it's

Patti Smith." "Come on," replied the kid. "No," said Geiger, to the

disbelieving fan. "It is Patti Smith."

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