Let These Peanuts Catch You Up On 'Game Of Thrones' So Far

All the nuttiest moments from the first two episodes.

If you like your "Game of Thrones" recaps like you like your mini Snickers bars -- small, sweet, and packed with peanutty goodness -- then we've got just the thing to satisfy you.

Peanut sculptor Steve Casino made MTV this nifty collection of nuts in the likeness of the entire "Game of Thrones" cast, and when you've got a weapon like that in your arsenal, you don't just leave it lying around to be eaten by rats and/or people too drunk to notice that they're snacking on Westerosi citizens.

So, we rounded up the nuts for a command performance: Video recaps of the first two episodes of this season. Watch them to get fully caught up before the new episode on Sunday April 26.

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