Harry Styles Says It’s ‘Amazing’ To See His 1D Bandmates Become Dads

So much brotherly love!!

Early Friday morning (April 7), Harry Styles unleashed his debut solo single, “Sign of the Times,” for all the world to hear — and apparently it was the first time any of his One Direction bandmates got to listen, too.

During a radio interview with SiriusXM just hours after the Bowie-esque rock ballad’s release, Styles confessed he hadn’t previously played it for anyone in the band.

“I haven’t played it for many people, I've kept it very close to my chest,” said Styles, who’s the second-to-last 1D member to release a solo single (waiting on you, Liam). “It’s amazing for your friends, to watch them put music out and it go so well,” he added. “Everyone so far has done amazing, so if I get to join them in that, that would be amazing.”

Besides rooting his bandmates on in their professional lives, he’s also thrilled for the changes in their personal lives. Two of the 1D lads have become young dads since the group’s hiatus — Liam Payne welcomed a baby boy in March, and Louis Tomlinson celebrated his son Freddie’s first birthday in January.

“It’s really amazing,” Styles said of watching his friends become fathers. “I’ve spoken to both of them and they're super happy, and it’s a pretty amazing thing. It’s pretty great to watch. ... I spoke to Liam yesterday morning and he's loving it, so I'm very happy for him.” And though he mentioned that he thinks “it's a roll of the dice,” Harry would love to be the godfather to Payne’s son. “I'm not going to add any extra pressure, but if it came my way I would be honored,” he said.

That support is definitely reciprocated — Styles has gotten only positive feedback from his bandmates about “Sign of the Times.” Good to see the 1D brotherly love is as alive as ever.