Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas' 'Cry Cry Cry' Video Makes Us Want To Do That

Having some serious ex-boyfriend PTSD here.

At first listen -- and watch -- Jessica Hernandez & the Delta's video for "Cry Cry Cry" seems to be about a relationship that's doomed because someone is hung up on another lover. When you dig a little deeper, however, you discover that that lover isn't necessarily a flesh and blood human -- but something that matters more than romantic love. I'll give you two guesses what that could be for a musician...

"The song is actually about my now-fiancé," Hernandez told MTV News. "The first couple of years we were dating, we were both so focused on our music that we would kind of forget about each other. I ended up being like, 'Sorry, but this music my first love.'" The singer dropped out of Chicago’s Columbia College to focus on music after two years, teaching herself to play guitar and piano and forming her band in 2009.

"[But] it works both ways," she added. "We each have another man and another woman in our lives [in the form of music]." Hernandez's fiancé is Kyle Straka of self-proclaimed beach goths, the Growlers.

In an effort to emphasize the sad, sweet bluesy lyrics, director/friend Don Tyler went simple with the video, filming it in the band's native Detroit on a street in Mexicantown in front of Hernandez's family bakery. The vid features Hernandez throwing herself out of an old-fashioned Lincoln Continental -- one her brother and father are fixing up -- and fighting with her long-haired lover, played by bassist Steve Lehane.

"I wanted that kind of vibe, that look, Hernandez said of her choice to cast Lehane. "Like me being this kind of strong female who just like busts out of a car and then pulls up on this kind of grungy-looking guy. Steve actually also looks a lot like ex-boyfriends of mine -- just like that whole look." He also looks just a little, coincidentally, like Straka.

If you're itching to hear the music that Hernandez (initially) valued over traditional love, you can check out the band's debut LP, Secret Evil, out now. The video for "Cry Cry Cry" premieres today right up yonder -- as well as at

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