Is Adam Driver's 'Star Wars' Role Finally Confirmed?

The Dark Side is calling.

Back when Variety reported that "Girls" breakout Adam Driver was joining "Star Wars: Episode VII," the story came with the detail that he'd play the villain. With most of the cast's roles still a mystery, this remains the biggest insight into who's who among the new faces.

None of this has been confirmed, however, and our recent interview with Driver's "Midnight Express" co-star Joel Edgerton might push his villain status one step closer to official.

We sat down with Edgerton to talk about "Felony," the new movie he stars in and wrote, and the Australian actor recalled that his first day on the "Midnight Express" set with Driver came only 24 hours after Variety ran its story.

"Adam Driver and I worked together on this Jeff Nichols movie last year. Literally, he got cast, and then I heard he was going to playing new whatever version of the villain in the new 'Star Wars' movie," Edgerton said. "The next day I had to do a scene with him after I read this. I said 'I'm scared to do this scene with you now because you might [Force choke me]."

All Edgerton reveals here is that Driver is playing the villain in "Star Wars: Episode VII," something that's only been reported by the industry trade publications.

With the two working on a film together, I think it's safe to assume that Edgerton has the correct information, so to me, this sounds like more solid evidence that we'll see Driver turn to the Dark Side come December 2015.