Stevie Nicks Gives Advice To Courtney Love

August 15 [10:00 EDT] -- When the still-huge Fleetwood Mac debuted its concert special "The Dance" on MTV Tuesday night, you may have spotted Mac fan Courtney Love looking on from the audience.

Love has not only covered the Mac track "Gold Dust Woman," [article id="1444137"][1.1MB QuickTime][/article] she's also getting the benefit of vocalist Stevie Nicks' hard-won experience.

[article id="1444134"]"The nicest thing about Courtney is, that I think we are friends,"[/article] Nicks told MTV News. [article id="1444134"]"Maybe we never like have serious musical moments together, but we are friends, and maybe I can give her a little bit of advice about how to be in this life, and still be alive when you're 40." [1.3MB QuickTime][/article].

Nicks also went on to say that the two women have a similar view of the fleeting nature of success in the music industry.

I would tell her what she's already said to me, which is that we must be aware

that it can end," Nicks said. "That it can end. It doesn't go on forever, and you don't make all that money and be able to play huge venues forever. So, you have to take stock of what you're doing and what you're going to want to do later.

Fleetwood Mac will take another stab at playing huge venues this fall. As we reported earlier this week, the band's reunion tour launches September 17 in Hartford, Connecticut and runs through the beginning of November. For a full itinerary, check out [article id="1428998"]"Fleetwood Mac Announce Tour Dates"[/article] from August 13 in the MTV News Online Gallery.

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