A$AP Rocky's Uber Driver Is Going To Love His New Song '5IVE $TAR$'

Uber everywhere?

Somewhere there is an Uber driver that will be very happy about A$AP Rocky's latest song. Today (January 23), A$AP Rocky dropped "☆☆☆☆☆ 5IVE $TAR$," that features what sounds like D.R.A.M., although he isn't credited.

The song is a subdued affair that finds Rocky rapping about giving an anonymous Uber driver five stars, going to a restaurant he also blesses with five stars, and explaining how a woman he rates as a five star had sexual relations with five stars. Rocky also finds time to rap about a lot of things that start with the letter "p": pop art, Pop-Tarts, popcorn, and Rocky's favorite subject — how pretty he is.

However, let's not get distracted from the real question. What is a five-star Uber experience to Rocky? Does he like his Uber drivers to engage in playful banter? Maybe the mysterious Uber driver gave the Harlem rapper some much-needed hand sanitizer after Rocky traversed the germ-ridden New York streets. What if the five star Uber driver transported Rocky to a five-star restaurant where he meets the woman who has also dated five stars?

Only time will tell if we'll get more information on the enigma that is Rocky's Uber driver or the release date for his forthcoming album. Until then, enjoy the latest from Pretty Flacko.