Katy Perry Says She Wasn't Allowed To Watch 'The Smurfs' Growing Up

Now she's playing Smurfette in the film version! 'My mom thought Smurfette was a little bit slutty,' she tells MTV News.

Ever since she started promoting her new single "California Gurls," Katy Perry has been sporting one rather eye-catching accessory (and no, we're not talking about her [article id="1638711"]bedazzled bikini top[/article]): an electric-blue wig.

At first glance, you probably figured she was wearing it to match the DayGlo feel of the tune, but Perry first put on the wig to get in touch with her inner Smurfette -- since she's voicing the character in the upcoming film version of "The Smurfs." In the time since, she's also used it for another purpose: a little bit of childhood rebellion.

"I've never seen an episode [of 'The Smurfs'], because my parents wouldn't let me," Perry told MTV News on the red carpet for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, hours before she [article id="1640883"]debuted "Gurls" for a live TV audience[/article]. "My mom thought that Smurfette was a little bit slutty, being the only female in the village. And now I showed her. I called her up and was like, 'Guess what, Mom: I'm Smurfette!' "

It's certainly not the first time [article id="1589848"]Perry has rebelled from her religious upbringing[/article] -- both her parents were pastors -- considering the [article id="1640864"]sneak peek of her "California Gurls" video[/article], which features Perry parading around in a bra made of cupcakes and launching frosting from her chest. You get the feeling her mom is pretty used to the phone calls these days.

"It's just like another one of those days where it's like, 'Guess what, Mom: I kissed a girl! Guess what, Mom: I'm going to be naked in a music video!' " Perry laughed.

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