Kim Kardashian And Cara Delevingne Are Working On A Secret Project

Um, something really weird is going on, guys. Kim Kardashian, #worldsmosttalkedabout reality TV star and mother to a Very Important Baby, and Cara Delevignne, supermodel and Eyebrow Game Champion Of The World, are doing something together. Something wet. Something involving black tank-tops. Something that has banned Cara and Kim from using a brush. WHAT IS THIS?!

Here's what we know: Kim posted the snap in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, captioned "Secret project," and it was regrammed from Love magazine's editor-in-chief, Katie Eleanor Grand. Mz. Grand made her pic's caption, "Fun day out with @caradelevingne @kimkardashian @thelovemagazine," which makes us ask again, WHAT IS THIS?! What went down on this "fun day out?" Is it a forthcoming feature in Love? What's it all about?? This ~secret project~ bizness is cool and all, but it needs to become not-so-secret ASAP because we're dying over here.

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