Frenchies Are Totally Having A Moment: Here's The Proof


This issue can no longer be ignored.

It's high time we recognize the invasion of bug-eyed, big-eared aliens that is upon us. These creatures have been actively brainwashing the world population with bumbling, inquisitive cuteness, and multiply at an alarming rate.

They go by many names: Batpigs, Frenchies, Frog Dogs. Formally labeled as the French Bulldog, these adorable little furballs are everyone's new favorite pet. Seriously, everybody has one, and there's no wonder why. These quirky, yet charming, cuddlebugs are basically the perfect companion.

They Find The Absolute Best Places For Naps

Jenna Ushkowitz's Bear knows you can't be interrupted under the bed, duh.

They're Willing To Support Your Cause

Lady Gaga's Asia will #FreeTheNipple with you any day.

They Just GET You

John Legend and Pippa seriously understand each other's feels.

They Make Handsome Men Look Even MORE Handsome

Hugh Jackman and Dali are beyond perfection.

They Make Perfect Travel Companions

Benny hearts long train rides with momma.

You Can't Have Just One

Lady Gaga's Asia has joined the pack with Frenchie-sister Stella and Fozzy.

Seriously, You CANNOT Only Have One

Chrissy Teigen just brought Penny into the family!

They Know How To Parrrrrr-tay

Ashlee Simpson and Alabama are about to get down.

They Inspire Art


Christina Perri honored the late Lexi with some permanent ink.

They're Always There To Make You Smile

Sir Charles Barkey's happy face has over 220,000 fans on Instagram!

They Have EXCELLENT Taste In Food

Shawn White's Steve never undervalues the joy of peanut butter.

They Have A Strong Sense Of Curiosity

A reliable source has confirmed that the rubber piece on her own doortop no longer exists.

Their Only Known Weakness Is The Power Of Sleep

Frenchies are best at napping, sleeping, snoring and napping some more.

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