'Magic Mike XXL' Seeks Superfan To Worship Channing Tatum's Butt On Set

Win a front-row seat for the greatest show on earth.

Seeing "Magic Mike" on the big screen was all well and good, but let's be real: the best seat in the house for that beefcake cabaret wasn't in any movie theater. To really appreciate the full spectrum of the "Magic Mike" experience, you need to be much closer -- preferably close enough to smell the sweat glistening on Channing Tatum's thighs.

Fortunately, the filmmakers of "Magic Mike XXL" have realized that we deserve that chance, dammit. In this video posted to Tatum's Facebook account, the actor announced that one lucky fan will win the opportunity to witness his moves in the flesh. A role as an extra in the movie is up for grabs, and all you've got to do is get creative in explaining why you should have the honor of sitting in the audience while the sexy strippers of the Xquisite club film their epic dance numbers.