Hey Marvel: Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper Wanna Know Why ‘Spider-Gwen’ Has Such A Weird Spider-Name

Is there a future for a superpowered Gwen Stacy on the big screen?

Reporting by Jennifer Lynn

For years, Gwen Stacy has only really had one central role in the Marvel Universe: as Peter Parker's tragically dead girlfriend, as played brilliantly by Emma Stone in the recent "Amazing Spider-Man" series.

But what if it was GWEN who'd gotten spider powers instead of Peter? That's the question that the new "Spider-Gwen" comic book series asks, and the result has been a massive success -- now Gwen is so popular that she's literally taking over all of Marvel Comics next month.

So does this mean there's enough demand for a theatrical version of Spider-Gwen? At a press junket for "Aloha," we asked Emma Stone just that -- and for a split second, she and co-star Bradley Cooper entertained our wild nerd imaginations in the best way possible.

"She would actually show up on set in costume from that movie and we didn't really know what was happening," Cooper riffed."There are a couple scenes where it's on underneath. That's some scenes, you're like, 'She looks different.'"

"It's because I'm Spider-Gwen," Emma continued the bit. Giiiirl. Don't even play, WE WOULD WATCH THE HECK OUT OF THAT.


But all joking aside, Emma doesn't know much about the way that the new superhero version of Gwen Stacy operates -- least of all why she's called that. So let's explain: technically Gwen is actually called Spider-Woman, but Marvel likes to call her Spider-Gwen to differentiate her from another character who's ALSO called Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew.

There's already a Spider-Girl too, plus a bunch of other female spider-heroes with names like Araña and Silk. So really, "Spider-Gwen" was the only thing that wasn't taken. Fun fact: Marvel maybe might be full of spiders. Let's get a "Too Many Cooks" parody going immediately.

"Aloha" hits theaters on May 29, 2015.

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