Rick Ross Is 'All About The Money' On New Troy Ave Remix

Plus, some issues about the origin of the song.

Troy Ave has been heating up New York recently with his "All About the Money" single, and this week, it got a Bawse's stamp of approval.

Rick Ross hopped on the buzzing track for a new remix, where he rides the wave of momentum from his recently-released Hood Billionaire album. "Menace to society, cocaine brothers/ My dog made three F.E.D.S. magazine covers/ Get shot for the beat wash up on the beach/ Butt naked, full of holes, Timbs on your feet," Rozay raps.

Once his verse ends, you hear the hook: "It's all about the motherf--kin' money, it's all about the motherf--kin' money."

But like on the original, that's not rapped by Troy Ave, but by Manolo Rose, who is featured on the song. He's not just featured, though -- and that's why there's been a bit of controversy about the track.

Manolo has a track called "Dope Man," over the beat we now hear on "All About the Money," and with the same hook. Rose's version predates Troy's single which was released in September, he explained to Global Grind that at first Ave wanted to get on the song, but eventually just did it on his own, and brought it to radio.

Though Troy says he paid for the beat, Manolo claims he wasn't paid for his vocal contributions.

"You can't buy vocals from a dude who does beats," he said.

"I might have not been okay with it in the initial sense and I might have felt some kind of resentment, but at the same time I am not a fool either," he added. "I figured it is what it is, he took it. He did it, then it was like, I would be a fool not to be in the video. I never seen a person who goes around crying go to the next level."

The way he hopes to take himself to the next level, in addition to his appearance on "All About the Money," is with his new single, "Run Ricky Run," which you can listen to below, and has already caught the ear Interscope's President of Urban Music Joie Manda.