LeBron James Is Producing The NBA's First-Ever Fashion Show

For years now, I've been tracking the meteoric rise in interest in fashion among NBA players. Of course, it's always been there from the '70s Shaft-emulating suits of Clyde Frazier to the revolving door of hair colors holding court on Dennis Rodman's head to Allen Iverson bringing style to the court with his signature single sleeve. But it was the great "nerd glasses" face-off of the 2012 NBA Finals that really set this ball in motion for the current era of pro-basketball players. Nearly three years later, the NBA is (finally) putting together its own fashion show. Even better? It's being produced by LeBron James.

Converging two of New York City's biggest events of the weekend, NBA All-Star Weekend and New York Fashion Week, the NBA's first-ever fashion show—NBA All-Star All-Style presented by Samsung Galaxy—will air exclusively on TNT on Saturday Feb. 14, at 6:30 p.m. EST. Framed as a runway competition between many of the league's most stylish dudes, the show will be broken into three themed rounds: dressing for the boardroom (a.k.a. bossed up suits), a night out (a.k.a. date night duds), and attire worn to the game (judging by the looks that turn up in the post-game press conferences, this one should be more of a free-for-all).

Along with James Harden, Klay Thompson, Chandler Parsons, DeMarcus Cousins, Zach LaVine and a bunch of other NBA stars, a grip of models—Erin Heatherton, Rachel Hilbert, Shanina Shaik and Chanel Iman (who, FUN FACT, actually has some skills on the court, so fingers crossed that we get to see that come showtime)—are set to take part as well. All of the above will have to answer to the competition's judging panel—Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, designer John Elliott, WNBA star Elena Dell Donne, and GQ Style Editor Will Welch. What criteria they're judging on remains to be seen.

If that's not enough for you, the show will be punctuated by performances from Flo Rida and Wale, a set from DJ NEM, and running commentary from Kevin Hart. But TBH, what seals the deal for me is that Shaq is going to emcee.

Go ahead and clear your schedule this Saturday evening so you can watch it all go down live, and in the meantime, prepare with this NBA-focused episode of House Of Style!

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