Fefe Dobson's Jacko, Mermaid Dreams Didn't Work Out, But Justin Comes Through

Singer heading out on U.K. trek with Justin beginning Wednesday.

"Dude, I thought I was Michael Jackson, OK?" Fefe Dobson said of some of her early childhood memories. Growing up, the Scarborough, Ontario, native was influenced by everyone from the King of Pop to a certain fin-fitted Disney queen.

"I was wearing that white wife-beater and the glove," she continued about wanting to be like Mike. "I swore I was Michael Jackson. Then I found out I wasn't Michael Jackson and it broke my heart. ... And Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid.' I thought I was her too."

While trying her adolescent hand at potential career stints as Tito's little brother and an aquatic heroine, Fefe also made full use of her throwing arm.

"I was a good football player," she said. "I was the quarterback, I could throw a great ball, let me tell you. ... No, I was really good, and all the guys wanted me on the team until they started playing tackle football. Then they didn't want to touch me because I started, you know, becoming a girl."

Almost 20, Dobson has obviously grown into quite a young lady and is simultaneously blossoming into a star (see "Fefe Dobson Came Out Of The Womb Singing"). Just ask fans of "TRL," who are currently giving her latest video, "Everything," the nod.

"When I first saw myself on 'TRL,' it was [on tape] 'cause I don't have 'TRL' in Canada and we were on the road traveling with my band," she said. "It was just awesome, like, 'I can't believe I was on the show and I can't believe I was actually on the countdown.' It's really exciting."

Fefe, who has aspirations of making it to the big screen one day, has one of her sneaker-clad feet in the door already. In addition to appearing on her self-titled debut, "Everything" is a single off the soundtrack to the film "The Perfect Score."

"That's another love song," she explained. "It's basically, 'I like you. If you like me, you better tell me or see ya!' "

One guy has stepped to the plate and let Fefe know he's feeling her. Justin Timberlake has not only publicly given Dobson props on her tunes, but he's asked her to come with him on a U.K. tour, which starts Wednesday.

"I'm not going to lie, [it is] one of those dreams come true for a girl," she smiled. "I went to every 'NSYNC concert in Toronto with my sister. It was like our whole groupie thing to do and we went to every show. She loved JC and I was like, 'Yeah, Justin!' "

Which brings us back to another dream Fefe had when she was younger.

"There's different stages of high school," she thought back. "In grade 9 [I was] probably big on 'I'm going to marry Justin Timberlake, ooohhh.' "

Luckily the two aren't going to be performing any show near the nuptial-happy town of Las Vegas.

After she comes back from Europe with J.T., Fefe will have her own set of shows to tend to. She's planning a run of the East and West Coasts throughout February and has already solidified a February 9 date in Los Angeles.

For more on Fefe Dobson, tune in to MTV News' "Fake ID Club," premiering Saturday at noon on MTV, and check out the feature "Don't Call Me Avril."

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