Hailee Steinfeld Cast As Juliet: Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

After seeing her last performance, we know that Hailee can handle the serious material (and unusual language) of a Shakespeare script. But now, the challenge is finding a Romeo who can keep up! And with no news yet as to who her co-star will be, we've come up with a few good men for the role. Because a Romeo by any other name could never be as sweet as...

Let's face it, we'd pay money just to watch Logan Lerman read the phone book, brush his teeth or trim his nose hairs. (We'd pay even better money if someone could find a way for us to do these things from inside a closet in Logan's bedroom. Just saying.) But to see him playing a real romantic lead—with gorgeous Shakesperean language, to boot—would be worth its weight in gold. O Logan, wilt thou leave us so unsatisfied?

We've seen this gorgeous specimen of a man display some serious acting chops, from his scholar athlete role on "90120" to his gritty performance as a hardened street thug on "The Wire"—so we know that Tristan would bring it as the smitten young Montague in Shakespeare's tragic romance. Let's get this boy into some pantaloons already, people.

Arguments in favor of casting the relatively unknown (but jaw-droppingly sexy) Douglas Booth as Romeo:

1. He has an English accent.

2. He has that mouth.

3. There is no third. JUST LOOK AT THAT MOUTH. Ye gods.

Who would you cast opposite Hailee in this romance to end all romances?