Lil B Explains Why He Placed 'The Based God Curse' On Another NBA Star

James Harden better watch his back.

Lil B isn't happy with NBA star James Harden.

Years ago, he placed an infamous "Based God Curse" on the Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant for criticizing his rap skills. Now, he's got Houston Rockets' guard Harden on his hex list. Why? Well, Lil B believes Harden's using his cooking dance celebration without giving him credit.

“[Harden’s] curse isn't like Kevin Durant's curse,” Lil B told CBS Sports today (May 26). While Durant can have his curse lifted by playing a basketball game against Lil B, Based God said Harden's situation is different.

"With Harden, I just wanted to see where his head and his heart is at,” Lil B said. "Does he know the originator of the cooking celebration? I just want to make sure that he pays homage to the artist that created the original work.”

Even though he's now cursed two NBA players, he's treating each one differently.

The History Of Lil B's Cooking Dance

In 2010, Lil B spoke to MTV News about his cooking dance craze.

"The whole cooking movement is really a dance," he said at the time. "It was inspired by everyday living."

That same year, he did a YouTube tutorial for the dance.

Who knows if Lil B's Harden curse will last as long as his Durant hex. What is known is that Harden's Rockets are losing 3-1 in a best of 7 series in the Western Conference Finals. Their opponent? Lil B's favorite team, the Golden State Warriors. The plot thickens.

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