Yep, We Would Totally Watch An 'Avengers' Sitcom

Premiering never on the CW.

Perhaps you've never noticed how much the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" cast look like the stars of a primetime sitcom when they're out of costume. That's cool; neither had we. '

But now that we've seen it? Can't unsee. Too perfect. SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

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Clearly, Hollywood is missing a golden opportunity to spin off the "Avengers" franchise into a Monday night small-screen dramedy about a hilarious group of misfit friends, just trying to have it all in the big city.

And while we wait for this project to happen (it is happening, right? Don't tell us it's not happening!*), MTV News has rounded up a half dozen perfect plotlines with which to kick off the first season of "How I Met Your Avengers."

*Okay, so it's probably not happening. Whatever.

Episode 1: Thor, God of Blunder


The Avengers are planning a relaxing getaway in a cabin in the woods, but hijinks ensue when Thor gets drunk and accidentally knocks out the power.

Episode 2: Single Black Widow


Exhorted by her friends to "put yourself out there," the Black Widow joins Tinder... but interrogating her dates and beating the snot out of 'em is a hard habit to break.

Episode 3: Stark Contrast


Tony takes a blow to the head and develops temporary amnesia; the rest of the Avengers take the opportunity to convince him that he's actually a sheep farmer from Estonia.

Episode 4: A Hulk of a Certain Age


The Hulk suffers an embarrassing setback when he can't stay angry for more than a few seconds at a time.

Episode 5: Six Avengers and a Baby


The Avengers have saved the world multiple times over, but even our heroes can't handle the job of babysitting the neighbors' hyperactive toddler.

Episode 6: Loki Who's Coming to Dinner


The Avengers have a party, but when Thor's obnoxious little brother shows up uninvited, things get weird, fast.

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