Kimberly J. Brown Has A Very Big Announcement For All 'Halloweentown' Fans

"Nobody around here really appreciates my taste in weird stuff."

It's been 17 years since we first joined Marnie, Dylan and Sophie Piper in "Halloweentown". The classic Disney Channel Original Movie went on to inspire three spin-off films — but let's pretend "Return to Halloweentown" never happened, since Disney decided to recast the star of the series, Kimberly J. Brown, and thought no one would notice the new actress looked completely different.

But anyway, the OG Marnie announced on Tuesday she would be participating in The Spirit of Halloweentown festival held in St. Helens, Oregon every October. FYI, this was where the original movie was filmed, and the festival recreates the town of "Halloweentown," complete with a ginormous jack-o-lantern.

In a YouTube video, Brown said, "On Oct. 10, I'm going to dust off the old broom, pull out my witch's cloak and fly on up to Halloweentown and kick off the festivities for the month." OMG OMG OMG. Halloweentown's long-lost daughter is returning home!

And before you even ask, Marnie Kimberly confirmed she'll be lighting the jack-o-lantern, because that's what Marnie does in the freaking movie. Everything's coming full circle! Brown said, "I am honored, not only that St. Helen's does this for the movie...but that they asked me up to celebrate the film." We are too, TBH.



Clearly, the people at St. Helen's are stoked to have Brown join them this year, based on their Facebook announcement about her upcoming appearance.

According to The Chronicle Online, a news source for St. Helen's, "Spirit of Halloweentown organizer Tina Curry is encouraging everyone who attends the ceremony to dress in true "Halloweentown" style," mentioning Curry's comment that "those in costume will be asked to participate in a special photo opportunity."

Thankfully, Brown said she would be sharing pics on social media of the experience, so those of us unlucky souls who can't make it this year will still get to see all the magic!

Check out Brown's complete announcement below.

We. Can't. Wait. ? ? ?



You can learn more about The Spirit of Halloweentown festival on either its website or Facebook page.

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