Get Pumped -- The Teaser For Season 4 of 'Orphan Black' Is Here

It doesn't reveal much, but the teaser for the fourth season of 'Orphan Black' is here.

After a mind-blowing season three of "Orphan Black," the teaser for the sci-fi show's fourth season is here. If you last recall (spoiler alert), season three revealed the history and motives of a newly emerged faction of clone brothers. Throughout the season, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and her sistras worked together to defeat their familial enemies.

Although little is known about the fourth season of the show, this super brief teaser does confirm one thing: The show will be as tense and suspenseful as ever. That eye closeup is one of the most unnerving and representative elements of the mood of the show.

The fourth season of "Orphan Black" is set to premiere in April 2016. Check out the teaser below.