Tom Hiddleston Will Face Off Against King Kong For 'Skull Island'

The movie also has a director now.

After the mysterious reveal of "Skull Island" at San Diego Comic-Con, I haven't known what to make of Legendary's King Kong origin story. Haven't we seen this story enough? Well, we have, but now there is some interesting talent involved.

"Avengers" baddie Tom Hiddleston is transitioning into leading man mode (YAY!) for "Skull Island" with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts at the helm. Vogt-Roberts made a splash last year with his indie "The Kings of Summer," and he's moving onto big-budget fair, like Sony's proposed "Metal Gear Solid" movie.

While another King Kong movie isn't the most exciting prospect, I'm always game to see great actors and talented filmmakers get a shot at a tentpole, where they can get the exposure they deserve.

"Skull Island" is set to open on November 6, 2016.

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