Try Not To Get Hypnotized By This Video Of Jennifer Lawrence Putting On Lipstick

Sooo shinyyyy.

Earlier this year, I freaked when I heard Jennifer Lawrence landed a huge beauty campaign with Dior, and considering this is her first foray into repping makeup for a major brand, I was so anxious to see JLaw get all ~glam~ for da camera. Lucky for me (and all her fellow stans), the first Dior Addict lipstick ad finally dropped, and TBH, I am completely mesmerized by watching Jen put on lipstick over and over again. It's just... so... hypnotizing...

Like, isn't there something incredibly soothing about watching her glide on that super shiny shade? IDK if it's the extreme close-ups, her soft voice saying "Don't be shy," or the entrancing beats, but Dior has officially made me a believer in this 'stick. ADVERTISING WORKS, GUYS.


Jennifer Lawrence

Dior Addict comes in 44 shades in three different finishes, and the brand chose Jennifer to front the campaign because she "naturally embodies the Dior Addict attitude–her boldness, modernity and strength as well as her audacity. The philosophy behind this campaign, shot by Craig McDean in collaboration with Peter Philips, perfectly reflects how she is in real life, the model of femininity, self-assurance, spontaneity and seductiveness. She literally takes control without ever taking herself too seriously...even ending up in huge outbursts of laughter." Yep, that's my JLaw all right.

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