How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To 'Konstantine'? [QUIZ]

I'm not your star, isn't that what you said?

Long before Kylie Jenner traded her C's for K's, Something Corporate spelled konfusion with a K and made every teen heart beat faster, faster with their hit song Constantine "Konstantine."

The band officially released the tune 13 years ago, in May 2003, as the third track off their Songs for Silent Movies EP. (A live version featuring slightly different lyrics was included on their unreleased Ready... Break debut album as a hidden track.) "Konstantine" was written by lead singer and pianist Andrew McMahon, who now performs solo under the moniker Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

Last October, McMahon revealed the writing process and inspiration for "Konstantine" to Glamour: "To me, that song takes on this epic thing because it’s what high school love is: Super confusing. One day you think you see the rest of your life, and the next day, you’re like, 'I need to go meet this other person over here.' But I was very caught up in the romance of this thing, and it took on this life of its own. I was trying to win an ex-girlfriend over ... I was free-versing all of those lyrics in the middle of the song. I had written so much and couldn’t figure out what to include and what not to."

He decided to sing all the lines he'd written, which is why the song is exactly nine minutes and 36 seconds long. That's a lot of words to remember, but we definitely have faith in your inner emo kid. Take our very, very, very lengthy "Konstantine" lyrics quiz below, and bask in the memories of unrequited love.