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It's RoboCop Day In Detroit. Yes, Really

Stay out of trouble.

UPDATE: So it's still RoboCop Day, so don't panic, but due to unforeclosed circumstances, the unveiling of the statue with the Detroit Police has been postponed. Womp.


Dreams really can come true, folks, especially when those dreams involve an entire day devoted to RoboCop in a major metro area. (Dream big.)

Yes, today is Robocop Day in Detroit, thanks to a Kickstarter funding project (taglined "Part man, part machine, all crowd funded," of course) to build a statue of the 1987 crime-fighting robohero in the city.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that today is also the DVD release date for the recent remake of "RoboCop," either.

Detroit cops will be present and honored at the unveiling of the statue, after which fans will have a chance to take pictures with RoboCop, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Later tonight, RoboCop will throw out the first pitch at the Detroit Tigers-Toronto Blue Jays game at Comerica Park.

Let's see if he can beat 50 Cent's wild toss, shall we?

Stay out of trouble, everyone.