These Taylor Swift Emojis Are The Perfect Way To 'Shake It Off'

Cats, tears and crafts -- what other emoji could a Swiftie possibly need?

Judging by fans' reaction to Taylor Swift's new song "Shake It Off" -- and accompanying dance video -- we're guessing you all will completely lose it when she hits the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards stage this Sunday.

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I mean, if you've seen our post on the 61 times she basically slayed in the past, you'll know that Swift will pull out all the proverbial stops when she performs... whatever is she's planning to perform on August 24 ("I Knew You Were Trouble"? "Shake It Off"? The possibilities for Taylor-dancing are nearly endless).

Given fans' impending muteness, we've compiled a handy set of emojis that one may whip out during the show in order to convey any and all Swift-i-fied emotions during her performance -- or for when she does something particularly Taylor-like in the audience.

We're guessing you'll get the most use out of the weeping Taylor one -- in a good way.


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