Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald Give It Their 'Best' On New EP

'Twilight' star and her 'American Idol' alum hubby announce plans for five-song EP 'The Best Part.'

"Twilight Saga" star Nikki Reed and her husband, "American Idol" alum Paul McDonald, are continuing to make sweet music together. On Monday (November 5), the couple announced that they are releasing The Best Part, a five-song EP.

Reed and McDonald, who celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month, wrote each alt-country track on the EP, and according to Reed, it was McDonald who encouraged her to share her musical talents.

"What makes this album special is the fact that Paul and I wrote every song on here together. I've always loved music and felt connected to it, but was too afraid to explore that avenue," Reed said in a statement. "It was Paul's encouragement and talent that made me feel safe enough to try. We are inspired by the process itself. There is no greater feeling than doing something you love with someone you love. There will never be another record like this for us, because it's as much about the message behind it as it is about the music."

The couple will be releasing their EP through their own indie label, Enzo and Ira Records, and it will be available on iTunes. So what was it like working with his wife on this project? Well, according to McDonald, it was an unforgettable experience.

"Everything on this record feels very organic," McDonald said. "It's very stripped down, and our approach was straightforward. We wanted everything to be simple and raw, nothing that we couldn't recreate live with a band. When you listen to the songs you feel like you're in the room. When we were making this record we were so in the moment, and it feels unlike anything I've ever done before. It's amazing working with Nikki because she brings out a different side of me musically. Writing with her feels so natural, and so effortless."

But this isn't the first time the two have collaborated on a song. In 2011, Reed and McDonald released their debut duet, "Now That I've Found You" and in March released the video for the track, which Reed co-directed.

They also have a song featured on "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2" soundtrack, "All I've Ever Needed," which hits stores November 13.

On Monday (November 5), MTV News announced the Final Four round of our epic Twi-Fight Saga, with Edward facing off against Kate and Bella taking her chances against Jasper. Voting in the Final Four will continue through November 8, when the top two vote-getters will be revealed and the Championship Round will begin. The competition concludes on November 12, when we will announce who you have chosen as the #1 "Twilight" character, so keep voting at

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