President Obama Flubbed James Franco's Name And Now We Have Wonderful Memes

James Flacco now has his own Twitter account.

Earlier today President Obama held a press conference to address Sony's decision to pull their movie "The Interview" from theaters after North Korea made several public threats about the film and launched a massive cyber attack against the company, hacking and leaking countless personal files and confidential information.

And while Obama is an immaculate public speaker well-versed on a plethora of venerable subjects, there is one that he seems to be sadly misinformed or forgetful about: James Franco.

Yup, somehow the President of the United States confused our dear Franco with Joe Flacco—quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens—mashing up their names into the very fictional combination James Flacco. Wait, there's probably somebody IRL who does have that name, but he's definitely not the movie star the president was looking for. Of course, Twitter had a field day with this wonderful flub and it quickly became a trending topic.

Joe Flacco himself addressed the situation by tweeting at the president:

And someone on Twitter made an account for James Flacco:

People like sports talk show host Jim Rome began to make memes:

Slate made an "Obamify" your name generator:

Some took the opportunity to mock Franco's Instagram flirting scandal:

Others thought the new name might even be an improvement!

But mostly peopler were just happy to have the silly mistake so we could all have a good laugh:

And marvel at the power of the internet:

We had a few jokes ourself...

Neither the president himself nor James Franco have yet tweeted about the incident—but we'll be waiting.

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