'Beetlejuice 2': Michael Keaton Says Tim Burton Is In, And So Is He

Keaton also discusses 'Batman' anniversary plans.

It may be 25 years since "Batman" first hit movie theaters, but don't roll out the cake just yet according to current "Robocop" star and former Bruce Wayne, Michael Keaton.

"Are we doing anything? Yeah, we're having a party me and Tim [Burton]," Keaton joked when MTV News sat down with the star at the "Robocop" junket in Los Angeles. "We're going to the Batman museum, of course. And the Batman parade."

Keaton deferred, laughing that none of the above was true but did add, "It is a funny idea that we'd all get together. I loved it, I'm proud to be the original... In terms of that whole version."

"Batman" isn't the only franchise Keaton is fondly remembered for, though. The year prior to that movie's release, Keaton worked with director Tim Burton on the fondly remembered supernatural comedy "Beetlejuice." For years, rumors of a sequel have run rampant. Co-star Winona Ryder has discussed the possibility, and writer Seth Grahame-Smith has been working on the script since at least 2012.

But for fans of the original, what about Keaton, who starred as the titular ghost Beetlejuice?

"I've e-mailed Tim a couple of times, talked to the writer a couple of times, but all really, really preliminary stuff," Keaton said. "I always said that's the one thing I'd like to do again, if I ever did anything again. But it kind of required Tim to be involved some way or another."

Though Burton is currently working on post-production on "Big Eyes," a biopic about artist Walter Keane featuring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, the normally busy auteur doesn't currently have anything scheduled past 2014. So will Burton come back, and possibly as director?

"Now it looks like he is involved," Keaton continued, "And without giving too much away we've talked to each other, and e-mailed each other, and if he's in, it's going to be hard not to be in."

"Robocop" is in theaters now. Stay tuned for more on "Beetlejuice 2" as its confirmed.

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