Plies, Cassidy Drop Donald Sterling Dis Tracks

Rappers take aim at the Los Angeles Clippers owner.

The outrage directed at Donald Sterling hasn't subsided just because the NBA decided to ban the Los Angeles Clippers owner for life. Everyone from fans to media have taken aim at the 81-year-old, and now a few rappers are getting involved.

On Tuesday (April 29), both Plies and Cassidy fired lyrical shots at Sterling, who has been embroiled in controversy since Saturday, when a tape of him making racist remarks was released online.

Plies doesn't pull any punches. His track, titled "Donald Sterling: Racist Muthaf--ka," spends its entire two minutes and 42 seconds laying into its subject.

"Said you made us mutherf--kas? Nah, we made you," he raps at one point, referencing one of the many discriminatory statements that Sterling had made on the tapes.

Later, he takes a broader brush to wonder what this latest incident means for society as a whole: "They say the world that we live in is a beautiful place/ How the f--k that is case if you still judged off race?"

This isn't the first time that the Florida rapper has used his musical platform to speak on a hot-button current event with racial overtones. In April 2012, he released the song "We Are Trayvon," shortly after the shooting death of the 17-year-old.

Philly native Cassidy also weighed in on the recent events, using a portion of his "Move That Dope" remix to voice his anger:

"The Clippers owner Donald Sterling should get the hell smacked/ How the man don't like n---as when most of the Clippers the hell black?/ Well if that's the case, then racism ain't over yet/ His girlfriend taking pictures with Magic Johnson is what got him so upset?/ The people need to boycott 'cause that sh-- was lame/ That's hatred, if you not racist, you should never go to a Clippers game/ I take it personal, the commissioner got some work to do/ Hopefully that man volunteers to resign and get the f--k outta there."

Who's up next? We've got a hunch there's more where these came from.