9 Times 'Hannah Montana' Made You Ugly Cry

Sweet niblets, where are the tissues?

We'd never admit to any of our friends that Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana" made us ugly cry -- but, well, it did. The show had its fair share of tearjerker moments that had us wiping tears off our cheeks, blowing our noses and telling our roommates that our allergies were acting up when they happened to catch us in our emotional state.

Here are the sappy moments when Miley Stewart and her gang made us feel all the feels.

When Miley reunited with her mom in a dream

Disney Channel


In the episode "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak," Miley's mom -- who passed away three years prior -- visited Miley in a dream to reassure her that everything would be OK after her upcoming vocal surgery. When Miley told her mom that she missed her hugs, Mom replied, "They're never far away. All you have to do is think about me." *cry emoji*

When Miley found out that her dad was dating again

"Explain how you could ever think that there's someone out there who could ever replace my mom," Miley screamed at her dad, Robby Ray, in "She's A Super Sneak." The episode ended with Miley having a heart-to-heart convo with her father and playing the song "I Miss You" in tribute to her mom.

And if this didn't pull on your heart strings enough, there's also the fact that Miley Cyrus -- the real one, not the character on "Hannah Montana" -- wrote "I Miss You" IRL for her grandfather, Ron Cyrus, who passed away from cancer in 2006.

When Miley's dad let her go to Florida without him


In "I Want You To Want Me ... To Go To Florida," Miley hoped to show up her arch-nemesis Mikayla at a concert in the sunshine state. After Miley's dad unexpectedly injured his back, he cancelled the trip, since he was too sick to accompany her and she was too young to go by herself.

Miley, in all her preteen angst, was furious. So she went anyway without his permission. Her dad found her before her plane took off, and they ended up having a heart-to-heart -- they were ALL about those heart-to-hearts -- mid-flight.

Robby Roy sang his new song "Ready, Set, Don't Go" to her while we got to see a montage of Miley baby pics. Accepting that his little girl was growing up, he got off the plane at its connecting stop in Colorado and let Miley fly on to Florida.

When the Stewarts moved away

Disney Channel


In the season 3 finale, the Stewarts decided to move back to their hometown of Crowley Corners in Tennessee, a move that would have separated Miley from her BFFs Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. On top of that, Oliver revealed that he was also leaving L.A. to go on tour with his new band.

We were more than a little bummed to see our favorite trio split up. Luckily the Stewarts changed their mind at the last minute and decided to move into a nearby ranch instead -- a place that felt Tennessee-ish but was still close to L.A.

When Miley's horse got sick


In "Love That Let's Go," Miley's horse Blue Jeans -- which she'd had since she was a little kid -- got seriously sick after being bitten by a snake. Fortunately he recovered, but the show's credits later revealed that this episode was dedicated to Miley's real horse, Roam-Man, who passed away in 2009.

When Miley said bye to Hannah with the song "I'll Always Remember You"

Miley's double life finally caught up to her in this episode with the same title. Her secret kept causing problems in not only her life, but also her friends' lives. Stanford rejected her since she didn't have enough extracurricular activities -- and Miley could hardly write "international superstar" on her resume -- and as a result, Lilly decided to defer her acceptance so that they could both go to college together as they promised each other.

Miley's boyfriend Jesse also broke up with her after paparazzi caught him kissing both Hannah and Miley, which made everyone think he was a cheating scumbag. Feeling terrible about all the sacrifices her friends had made to keep her secret, Miley decided it was time to bid farewell to her alter ego.

When Miley revealed her secret to the world


In the same episode, Miley took her wig off on-stage. We got chills when she belted out "Wherever I Go," the first time she ever publicly sang a song as Miley on the show.

When Miley and Lilly parted ways

In the series finale of "Hannah Montana," Miley -- now famous for being herself, since she was no longer Hannah -- got an offer to star in a movie in Paris. She chose to accept the offer, which meant she couldn't attend Stanford with Lilly. Watching Miley and Lilly say goodbye to each other at the airport and move on with their lives without each other was heartbreaking.

When Miley unexpectedly showed up at Lilly's dorm and said, "I'm your new roommate"


After arriving in Paris, Miley quickly realized that there would always be another movie offer, but there would never be another chance to attend college with her best friend. She promptly hopped on a plane back to California, where she surprised Lilly at Stanford. The two BFFs -- and now college freshmen -- hugged and all was right with the world.

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