Taylor Swift Gives Mad Love To Alessia Cara For Her ‘Bad Blood’ Cover

...and Alessia appropriately freaked the f--k out.

If you’re like us, you’re already a big fan of 18-year-old Def Jam artist Alessia Cara, whose introvert anthem “Here” has been making major waves in the music world.

But if you still needed another reason to put her on your radar, here’s a perfectly convincing one: she’s now been gifted Taylor Swift’s coveted seal of approval.

During a visit to BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday (July 8), Cara covered Swift’s tell-off jam “Bad Blood,” letting her soulful vocals shine against an acoustic arrangement filled with lots of finger-snapping breakdowns. Even more impressive, Cara also tackled Kendrick Lamar’s verses, making for a rendition that she totally and completely crushes.

Ms. Swift herself tweeted her respect for the cover, calling Cara “AMAZING” (with all caps, so you KNOW it’s serious).

Needless to say, Cara appropriately freaked the f--k out.

All the new attention and praise clearly inspired a deep sense of gratitude for Cara, who thanked her fans and supporters for all their well wishes.

All we can say is: you better get used to it, Alessia — looks like you’re poised for amazing things!

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