Bobby Shmurda Drops A New Song After 'Hot' TV Performance

Listen to 'Bobby Bitch,' and watch Jimmy Fallon shtruggle.

By Andres Tardio

Allow Bobby Shmurda to reintroduce himself!

Months after becoming a social-media sensation thanks to the hat toss seen ‘round the world and the Flash Shmob-ready Shmoney Dance, Bobby Shmurda has blessed us with a reintroduction of sorts on “Bobby Bitch.”

As you'd expect, the track is catchy, but the Dondre beat sounds a bit more menacing than the Jahlil Beats-produced “Hot N---a,” which became one of the hottest cuts of the year. The "Bobby Bitch" lyrics also carry a murderous theme, a holdover from bodies being caught "'bout a week ago."

“I’m Bobby, b----h,” he raps on the song’s hook. “I don’t know karate, b----h / We droppin’ bodies, b----h / They say shootin’ is my hobby, b----h / And I’m a problem kid.”

Even though he's got a new song out, the Brooklyn rapper's still aware of the magic behind “Hot,” a song he performed with The Roots (who wore matching Shmoney Team T-shirts) on Friday night's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Not bad for his network TV debut.

Following the performance, Shmurda also posted a video of Jimmy Fallon turning the Shmoney Dance into the Shtruggle Dance.

Fallon, likely aware that he pulled off one of the worst renditions of the dance ever, promised Shmurda something: “I’ma learn how to do it.” Practice makes perfect, Jimmy. Maybe the "Tonight Show" host could have used some practice at last night's Flash Shmob.